Walton F. Hoffmann Memorial Post 179

Folding the American Flag

Section 175, Title 36, Chapter 10, United States Code

The national flag of the United States of America, which is commonly known as the American flag, is a source of pride for Americans.  When it's not on display, the flag should be folded into a triangle.  After you've taken down your flag, fold it lengthwise.  


1.  Lower the flag down the flagpole slowly, not letting it touch the ground.  Loosen the line and pull the cords to bring the flag back toward the ground.  Do this slowly and in a reverent manner, showing your respect toward the flag.[1]  Gather the flag as it gets close to the ground.  Slide the flag off the line, then secure the line in place on the pole.[2]  It's best to fold the flag near the pole to reduce the risk of dropping all or part of it.

2.  Make sure no part of the flag touches the ground at any time.  Letting the flag touch the ground is a sign of disrespect against the flag.  As you fold the flag, keep it completely off the ground by either working with a partner or folding it on a clean, dry surface.[3]   For example, you might lay the flag out on your dinner table face up.

3.  Lay the flag out on a table if you're working alone.  The flag should be face up with the field of blue at the top.  Make sure the flag is smooth and wrinkle-free.[4]   If you're working with a partner, hold the flag parallel to the ground at waist-height.  Each partner will hold one corner of the flag.

4.  Fold your flag so that the bottom stripes are over the field of stars.  You will bring the bottom edge up, then align it with the top edge.  The two edges will meet, while the bottom will now be a fold.

Check that the flag is completely smooth, with no unevenness or wrinkles.[5] 

If you're working with a partner, adjust your hands so that each partner is holding the layered corners in one hand and the middle fold in the other. 





5.  Bring the folded edge up to the top edge to create a second fold.  The field of stars should be visible on both sides of the folded flag at this point. 

Check that both sides of the flag have the field of blue on the left and the stripes on the right.[6]   

If you're working with a partner, each person will be holding 2 corners and a folded edge in one hand.  In their other hand, they will hold the bottom folded edge.




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