Walton F. Hoffmann Memorial Post 179

Fold the Flag into a Triangle

36 U.S.C., Chapter 10, Section 175

1.  Create a triangle fold by bending the striped corner up to the top edge. 

The outside edge of the folded flag should be aligned with the top edge.  The fold itself will look like a triangle.  Check that the flag doesn't have any wrinkles.[7]   Each side of the triangle should be an equal length. 



2.  Fold the pointed corner over to form a second triangle. 

The edge of the first triangle will stay aligned with the edge of the folded flag.  The flag should once again look like a rectangle.[8]  Make sure the fold is wrinkle-free.




3.  Continue making triangle folds down the length of the flag. 

In total, you will make 13 folds, including the first 2. On the last fold, only the blue field will be visible.[9]  The 13 folds symbolize the original 13 colonies.  Additionally, each fold is assigned a special meaning, as explained at http://www.usflag.org/foldflag.html.

Each triangle should be evenly sized.


4.  Tuck the end of the flag into the open fold. 

The edge of the field of blue can be tucked into the open fold on the side of the triangle.  Only the field of blue should be visible on either side of the flag.  The triangle shape is used to honor the 3-corner hat traditionally worn by the revolutionaries who fought for American independence.[10]




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