Walton F. Hoffmann Memorial Post 179

Displaying and Storing the United States Flag


1.  Display the flag in a triangle-shaped display case.  Many people love to display the flag, especially if it's a flag given in honor of a loved one.  You can place your folded flag in a container designed for displaying the flag.  This is a reverent way to display the flag with honor.[11]

For example, veterans' families often receive a flag following the veteran's funeral.  This flag will be placed over the coffin, then folded to be presented to the family.  You can store this flag in a display case to remember your family member.  You can purchase a case online or at a store that sells flags.

2.  Store the flag in a clean, dry place.  You might place it in a drawer or closet.  Keep it separate from other items so it doesn't get mixed in with your everyday linens.  

It's a good idea to put the flag in a case or plastic container before you store it.  This will protect it from dirt and dust.







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